We are working on delivering an IoT (internet of things) cloud platform, where we would offer a set of role based applications (e.g. for engineers, maintenance managers, planners, procurement officers and executives, etc.) destined to help asset intensive companies run their operations and investments better and more efficiently. The platform will combine IT (system of records e.g ERP, Business data) and OT (operational technology and control systems, e.g. SCADA, Sensors, etc.) data, to create a single source of truth and make it easily consumable by all types of users and provide automation and machine learning capabilities, as well as facilitate collaboration .

Asset intensive companies are having continuous challenges to reduce their OPEX and CAPEX as well as increasing productivity, safety, security and revenue. The biggest barrier is scattered information that is underutilized and untapped. Due to this, those companies are very reactive to data, wasting money on unnecessary maintenance and operations as well as new investments. Data and knowledge are not cross-company available and collaboration is not present. Our data-driven solutions aim to solve and improve revenue, profitability, safety, security and other measurable sources of value related to physical assets and equipment and increase cross functional collaboration