Founded in 2017, T3Consulting Management of IT and technology firm that delivers IT performance improvement, transformation and turnaround, post merge integration management and advisory services to organizations seeking to improve and transform their Information Technology and operations.

We leverage practical and extensive IT leadership experience with fact based assessment. We are hands-on and bring seasoned IT domain and business experts, who will deliver tangible results and act as advisor and interim management roles.

We are working on delivering an IoT (internet of things) cloud platform, where we would offer a set of role based applications destined to help asset intensive

industries leveraging the combination of sensor data (OT) and Business Application (IT) combined with advanced analytics, machine learning, artificial Intelligence, that will analyze, predict events before they happen, recommend a course of action and integrate with the enterprise workflow, Allowing companies to gain operational insight end-to-end, extend lifetime of their critical assets, streamline business processes, optimize operations, empower users and democratize data.

Our Approach is unique, compared with most analytical offering which is often siloed, standalone and integration into company’s existing business work flows none existence. Our Approach leverage existing technology investment within the enterprise IT and old and new sensor technology.


Bassim M. Haj

32 years’ Experience as transformational CIO serving multi nationals companies with Asset intensive industries, process improvement and turnarounds.

Until year-end 2016 he was Senior Vice President, CIO and Head of IT of Information Technology at Yara International ASA, the world’s largest Chemical company. He has extensive experience in information technology from multi-industry spanning from Chemical | Manufacturing | Oil & Gas | Seismic Exploration.

Bassim has won several awards including CIO of the year 2012 Norway and as European CIO of the Year in the Business Process Driven category by CIONET International judged by INSEAD.